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Alexander Essentials Real Rose Gel Unique formulation hydrate and protect
Reduces redness and immediately calms inflammation
Exquisitely Rose scent relaxes and refreshes
Suitable for all skin types
Real Rose Gel
Real Rose Gel is a supremely luxurious, naturally nourishing treatment that immediately transforms dull, lackluster complexions. The silky gel formula is infused with real roses hydrolat that nourish and tone skin and create a smooth, irresistible, soft texture. Its gentle blend of ultra-soothing ingredients reduces the appearance of redness and irritation while rejuvenating the senses.


  • 50% pure rose floral hydrolot helps diminish redness and create an even skintone
  • Anti-inflammatory cucumber extract and aloe-vera gel cool and refresh
  • White tea oil, delivers moisture exactly where skin needs it most
  • Blended with 100% pure essential oil of Rose Otto this lightweight, therapeutic Real Rose Gel hydrates, balances and firms the skin, leaving it feeling smooth, glowing and supple.


  • NO SLS - Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
  • NO Artificial Fragrances
  • NO Harsh Detergents
  • NO Animal Derivatives
  • NO Harsh Harmful Chemicals
  • NO Mineral Oils
  • NO Artificial Colors
  • NO Animal Testing

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